Pivot Move #3: Create More Margin

Let it not be said of you that you missed a pivotal encounter because it wasn’t on the calendar… because it wasn’t part of your goals, plans, and decisions… or because you showed up late and left early.

Productivity is great, living by your calendar is efficient, but a bit more childlike wonder in your life is exactly what you may need today.

More margin will actually make you more creative, more productive, and more attractive to those you want to lead.

Team Challenge

Read “How to Build More Margin In Your Life” by Michael Hyatt and decide how you will create more margin at work and at home.  

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Maria Keckler

The curator behind Communication That Converts™, Maria is a corporate consultant, helping organizations ignite movements of employees who love coming to work, customers who love coming back to buy, and stakeholders who love spreading the word about the company. She's a keynote speaker and author of Bridge Builders: How Superb Communicators Get What They Want In Business and In Life.

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