Pivot Move #1: When Adversity Hits, Think of the Lobster

The stories you believe win—wether they are true or not.

As leaders, we must always be ready to help others reframe their perspective on their circumstances.

Neuroscience has found that we are wired to respond to story better than mere information, so I always keep my leader arsenal full of simple and powerful stories I can share with my clients and team.

Here’s a simple but powerful story of a lobster, shared by Rabbi Twerski, to help us understand how adversity helps us grow.

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Maria Keckler

The curator behind Communication That Converts™, Maria is a corporate consultant, helping organizations ignite movements of employees who love coming to work, customers who love coming back to buy, and stakeholders who love spreading the word about the company. She's a keynote speaker and author of Bridge Builders: How Superb Communicators Get What They Want In Business and In Life.

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