Issue #1: One Pivot Move Can Change the Momentum of the Game

I lost my dad when I was twelve. He didn’t leave much of value behind—except 10 words he used to say when we played chess:

“One pivot move can change the momentum of the game.”

A pivot move is a small shift you make—in perspective, in strategy, in behavior, in attitude. It can be the tipping point that changes everything.

I migrated to the U.S. from my native Mexico City when I was 15. Without any discernable skills or the ability to speak the language, I found myself working at a sweatshop in Los Angeles Garment District.

One pivot move got me out. I share the story in the 12-minute video below.

About Communication That Converts

I’m assuming that you are here because deep inside you want to CONNECT at a deeper level with your audiences— customers, co-workers, business partners, family members, friends.

You hope to PERSUADE them. To join your movement. To support your ideas. To use your products or services. To believe in you.

And you want to INSPIRE them to take ACTION.

But before any of the above can happen, you must escape your own sweatshop too… and help your audiences do the same.

Lack of clarity. Fear of failure. Habits inherited from disfunctional relationships. Unresolved conflict. Unrealized potential. All of these are personal and professional sweatshops you encounter daily.

You can change the game.

Communication—verbal and non-verbal—is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal. It can be the sweatshop that keeps you stuck or the bridge that gets you where you want to go.

The choice is yours.

The Time to Pivot Is Now

I didn’t know what I didn’t know when I was stuck. But I was observant.

I noticed that successful people, the kind of people who made things happen and inspired others to follow, had one thing in common: they were savvy communicators. They used communication as their tool to convert critics into allies, skeptics into customers, and disengaged stakeholders into raving fans.

I made a conscious choice that I would learn how to do the same. That was my momentum changing move.  It’s a choice I make every day.

It’s a choice you can make today.  And if you do, you will…

  • Become a more effective and confident communicator
  • Grow your influence as a leader
  • Present your ideas more clearly and persuasively
  • Lead positive change at home and at work
  • Deliver better results for your organization
  • Restore and nurture key relationships

If you are ready to change the game, Communication That Converts is here to help with the tools and resources you need.

Let’s do this!

Published by

Maria Keckler

The curator behind Communication That Converts™, Maria is a corporate consultant, helping organizations ignite movements of employees who love coming to work, customers who love coming back to buy, and stakeholders who love spreading the word about the company. She's a keynote speaker and author of Bridge Builders: How Superb Communicators Get What They Want In Business and In Life.